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What can you expect from our firm?

Just call at the telephone number +420 775 699 977 and we will sort out all your troubles. For us it’s not a problem to come to the agreement with our clients. Any of your difficulties will be removed for during day or night time (depending on your wishes) with first-rate quality, discreetly and for a good price. There are many co-workers in our firm who are able to help you with everything. We provide professional, quiet and calm cleaning after planned and unplanned activities or events at the area of your house or a flat and at the area of your office. Let us sort out your problems!

  • We negotiate seriously
  • Confidentiality is at the top
  • Our cleaners can have a uniform with the firm login
  • We are sure in time reliability of all our cleaners
  • Our cleaners work on the basis of the agreement where there’s a list of our responsibilities, the price for our services, our cleaners payment, contact person and checking system
  • We have an individual approach to our clients and we are always ready to offer a plan for reducing cleaning costs
  • We guarantee professional approach to our duties
  • There’s a possibility to choose the permanent cleaner
  • There’s a month probation
  • We can get used to all your time-tables and needs
  • All cleaning means are in the price but there’s a possibility to use your own cleaning means depending on the agreement
  • We’d like to be your partner and helper
  • You will be surprised by our prices
  • Minimum time cleaning is 6 hours long
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+420 775 699 977