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Commercial, administrative, sportive, cultural
and non-residential premises cleanup

Our cleaning firm EXPERT provides a big assortment of services in such premises. You can choose from the under mentioned activities:

Úklid bytu nebo rodinného domu
  • Regularly or just once in a time
  • The whole complex cleaning  or some its parts cleaning
  • Tiding up various  sizes of premises and all equipment inside
  • Windows,  floors and bathroom facilities cleaning
  • Wood furniture, glass and all things from different material polishing
  • Chandeliers, interior or bracket lamps special cleaning
  • Doors, banisters, radiators cleaning
  • Dusting and using special tidying up means
  • Kitchen and dining room furniture cleaning,  removing the grease and polishing glass, metal and mirror surfaces at the request
  • Wardrobes and other  furniture out cleaning in rooms, corridors and halls; carpets and upholstery dry-cleaning
  • Throwing out rubbish from all bins and supplying with a spare litter bag
  • Telephone sets, PC and other equipment dusting
  • Supporting an appropriate and comfortable time regime of cleaning in children and seniors rooms
  • Door handles cleaning
  • Supplying with toilet paper, tissue papers and soup
  • Using  protective devices and equipment,  taking into account instructions for all chemical means
  • A uniform with the firm login

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