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Boats and apartment block cleaning

Our cleaning firm UKLID-EXPERT provides services in such areas like:

Úklid bytu nebo rodinného domu

Public areas

  • Vacuum-cleaning and washing of floor coverings in halls and receptions
  • Removing dust and stains from all horizontal and upright surfaces
  • Glass and show-cases cleaning and polishing
  • Vacuum-cleaning and washing of floor coverings in corridors and stairs
  • Lifts cleaning
  • Doors and door-posts cleaning
  • Three-piece suite vacuum-cleaning, upholstery vacuum-cleaning  at receptions
  • Restaurants, bars and other public areas vacuum-cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning (including sinks, fridges, cookers, washing machines, etc)
  • Parapets and windows cleaning
  • Entering stairs keeping
  • Parking areas keeping

Room services

  • Rooms cleaning after checking out
  • Bed-clothes changing
  • Towels and face-towels changing
  • Throwing out rubbish from all bins and supplying with a spare litter bag
  • Removing dust from all furniture sets including TV and other units
  • Floors vacuum-cleaning,  sweeping up and wiping off  all floor coverings
  • Doors and door-posts cleaning, windows cleaning depending on the agreement
  • Curtains, shades and veiling changing (once a three months)
  • Having an airing regularly
  • Bathroom facilities cleaning on full scale:
  • Washing and disinfection of toilet bowls, baths, showers, floors, tile
  • Mirrors  polishing
  • Water piping polishing
  • Throwing out rubbish from all bins and supplying with a spare litter bag
  • Supplying with soap, shampoo, toilet paper, etc
  • Prints removing and doors cleaning

Other services

  • Material controlling
  • Reporting of cleaning and chemical means shortage, giving a list of new necessary means
  • Reporting of bed-clothes bad quality
  • Mattress beating and vacuum-cleaning, blankets airing
  • Reporting of different troubles in separate rooms and in the whole building
  • Lost things handover
  • Using  protective devices and equipment,  taking into account instructions for all chemical means (rubber gloves, uniform)

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