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Flats and family houses cleaning

After coming to the agreement we start work. It’s not necessary to tell us many times what to do. Our cleaning firm UKLID-EXPERT sees dirt and gets down to work! Speaking about separate rooms our cleaners can provide such activities:

Úklid bytu nebo rodinného domu

Living room

  • Cleaning off spider-webs
  • Frames, parapets and windows cleaning
  • Furniture dusting
  • Floors, carpets and upholstery vacuum-cleaning
  • Floors washing with special means depending on the floor material


  • Fridge, cooker, oven and washing machine cleaning
  • Cupboards in and out cleaning ( if they are empty, after the agreement if they are full)
  • Tables and chairs cleaning
  • Metal surfaces polishing

Bathroom and toilet

  • Tile, bath, shower and WC cleaning
  • Disinfection with special means
  • All shelf units in and out cleaning (if they are empty, after the agreement if they are full)
  • Mirrors, doors and door posts polishing
  • Chrome water piping and holders polishing
  • Throwing out rubbish from all bins and supplying with a spare litter bag
  • Towels and face-towels changing
  • Supplying with soap
  • Scales and furring removing

Bedroom or children’s  room

  • Making beds and bedding washing
  • Bed-clothes changing
  • Furniture cleaning and surfaces polishing
  • Floor vacuum-cleaning and polishing
  • Putting in order toys

Hall, balcony and terrace

  • Parapets cleaning
  • Garden furniture and other furniture cleaning
  • Preparation of the barbecue place
  • Flowers watering

Our cleaners are able to provide such special activities like:

  • Lamps hand-made washing with special means
  • Statues and pictures brushing
  • Washing up cracks in tile with a special brush and reviving its surface
  • Heaters and radiators washing

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